Kalyves is a quiet fishing village in Crete. It is found about 20km east of the city center of Chania and access from “Chania Airport” or “Souda Bay Port” is very easy.

It belongs within the Apokoronas region of Chania, Crete and attracts many visitors every summer as it can offer relaxation to those that seek to relax.

The scenery and views from Kalives are stunning, not only because of the crystal-clear waters, but also for the views towards the “White Mountains” of Crete.

This charming fishing village is ideal for a family holiday as it is quiet and peaceful while is also a romantic destination for a summer vacation.

Similarly, if you are a nature walker, you can find some trails to conquer as the surrounding countryside ensures plenty of opportunity for scenic walks.

Cycling is another way see many unique spots of the Apokoronas area.

Visitors to Kalives will also get a taste of traditional Cretan life and gastronomy. You will be able to savor many different Cretan and Greek dishes and the taverna at “Mistrali Hotel” offers a wide variety menu of Cretan and International cuisine.

In addition to the food and drinks, Kalives offers all the necessary shops and services you may need during your stay here. There are shops with traditional products (herbs, honey, etc) banks, pharmacies, butcher shop, bakeries, green grocers as well as clothing shops and others.

The great location of Kalives offers multiple options for exploring the whole island of Crete, having easy proximity to the bus stop and taxi station, situated minutes away from Mistrali.



There are so many descriptions about Chania, and so much has been said, but one thing for sure, even as a local, the prefecture always has something new to say, offer, show, visit, etc.

Chania is located in the westernmost side of Crete. It used to be the capital of Crete, but no longer holds that title.

The town itself (city center), is a romantic place to walk around, with unique architecture, classical homes and buildings and a wonderful Venetian harbor with its’ well-known landmark, the port lighthouse.
This impressive Venetian city is considered the most beautiful and cosmopolitan on Crete and especially with the “White Mountains” in the background providing a unique picture.

In the Chania prefecture, there are many tourist attractions and beaches. We suggest that you do visit some and especially some of the most fabulous spots of Chania: Balos, Elafonissi, Falassarna and Samaria Gorge.

All beaches have crystal clear water and each one offering a very unique experience, from the most touristic to the most secluded beach. The natural beauty of the area is unbelievable.

A must to visit/see:
– Venetian harbor
– museums
– the Agora (indoor market)
– the old town with the narrow streets and their shops